Simple Curls: No Heat, No Damage. Perfect Spiral Curls

Simple Curls
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Show Us Your Curls
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Simple Curls, No Heat, No Damage

Simple Curls are a no heat, no damage easy way to spiral curl your hair.  You will achieve amazing spiral curls, whether you want to sleep in them or blow dry them, you will get perfect spiral curls.  You choose your curl, whether you want a tighter ringlet curl, or a looser beach wave with simple curls it’s easy.  Curling your hair has never been easier, simple curls work on all hair types and lengths .  Just get your hair wet or damp before applying, let dry and remove curlers and you will have perfect spiral curls.  Simple Curls are easy and fun to use!   What a great way to get the perfect spiral curl you want!

No electricity needed!  Great for camping, dancers, church, traveling, anywhere you want great looking curls without the use of electricity or heat that could damage your hair.

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SIMPLE ways for beautiful hair with CURLS!
A revolutionary way to curl your hair. A natural and easy way to curl ANY hair type regardless of ethnicity. You do not need to damage your hair with curling irons! SIMPLE CURLS can be used to create many styles- get creative!

SIMPLE CURLS can be used to create a variety of looks! You can use different sizes of curlers or in groups of color coordinated curlers. For use in any length of hair- short, medium, long. You can achieve a large loose curl or tight curls with ease, depending which size of curler you select for use.In 6 SIMPLE steps your hair will be picture perfect with frizz free curls. These can be used any where you wish to style your hair from out in the woods, to your own home or hotel room. Are you ready for the Salon look without the salon price?  You’ll love Simple Curls.  No Heat, No Damage!